Sunday, May 10, 2015

Christmas and Forward from There

Since the last update (which was a while ago.....last year in fact before thanksgiving) I defiantly owe you guys an update...So what have I been doing since the North Haven race? 
Well to put it simple trying to survive college finals, a Thanksgiving ski camp held in Caribou, Maine with all the Junior MWSC athletes. The First Eastern Cup of the 2014-15 season at Middlebury College in Vermont. Visiting Family for Christmas, traveling out to Grand Rapids, Minnesota for Youth and Junior World Championship trials. And last but now least coming back to Fort Kent and finishing my winter break public speaking class... and that's just the brief overview of this winters haul so far...
I'll start with the First Eastern Cup at Middlebury in Vermont. It was an okay way to start the race season this winter. I got on skis and pounded out a 5km classic race that to be honest I wasn't really prepared for. I did not do the best job I could have to prepare for it. But I pushed through, finished and moved on to the next day which was a 10km skate race.
For this race I felt a little more prepared for, but what I was not prepped for was the mass start that came with it....Even though I got a good starting spot I felt very clustered and could not get my own spot in the race. I ended up struggling towards the end, but I finished the race knowing what I needed to work on before my biathlon trials races in Minnesota after Christmas. 

After the Races, I got a ride from my old ski team, Vermont Academy, Coach Sotskov and the awesome boys of their XC skiing team. Where I teamed up with my brother also on the Vermont Academy Racing Team and we traveled to NY to visit family for the Holidays.

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