Thursday, May 28, 2015

Continuing into the Hotter Months

With the hot summer sun coming in at full blast, it's already proving to be a long summer for some of us. Training has begun in full swing and is mostly fueled by trying to escape the bugs as fast as possible or trying to beat the clock back to the car before the younger siblings swim team practice gets out.

Despite all this the summers proven itself to be fairly busy without even having to try very hard. With summer classes starting at UNH I've spent a good portion of the last week (and until the end of July) sitting in a barley air-conditioned lab, and library plugging out assigned reading, and starting the first of many lab reports. 
Have you ever tried to fix a Chicken coop? Turns out the easiest way is just through the ceiling 
This doesn't mean I haven't been able to do much else, I also spend a great deal of time: running and roller skiing though the Farmington town and getting strange looks, hanging around the Durham gym trying to do ski specific strength, and getting strange looks, and having awkward conversations. Biking up and down the area and getting strange 'why are you on the road looks'. Running up Gunstock mountain (sometimes with ski poles) and getting even more  though not as odd looks (I did manage to set a new PR for my own personal Time trail that I do up the backside of the mountain took nearly a minute off!), and last but not least showing up to the ER room and telling them you lost in a fight with a  carrot strange looks. 

Strange Looks seems to have been a bit of a theme for the past two and a half weeks. But at least I can say is that it does keep everyone entertained. Another upside to being home in NH for the summer is that I was able to finally make it back to my Alma Mater Vermont Academy just in time for graduation and a great reunion with my friends from there.
It had a been a solid two years since some of us had seen each other face to face, but that doesn't matter much when you finally get together again. One thing that Vermont Academy taught us, is that though we might come from different parts of the world and may not get to see each other often after having to live with them for three plus years, you can always count on annoying classmates to be there when you don't want them too! (just kidding guys).

For the most part that's about what has been going on other than a few bike crashes from biking down Gunstock going a little to fast, or the daily argument I have with my classic roller skis to go in a straight line, Until something else happens!

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