Sunday, May 10, 2015

Part II of My European Trip: Germany

Photo Cred: Maddie P. 
After leaving Estonia after Euro Champs the MWSC and Siena crew went to training camp in Inzell, Germany to spend the time recovering before meeting the rest of the team in Minsk. The camp was a lot of fun; we were staying in Inzell a town over from the Rupholding, Biathlon world cup venue. Nestled in a valley of mountains on the few sunny days that we had it was breath taking to observe and ski around. One of the best parts was that outside our hotel was ski trails, so we could just walk out the door for a classic ski.

The stadium was a lot different from what I thought it was going to be based on watching the world cups from the TV on Eurosport. It was fun to train there on the different trail system; the course was hard but had a lot of fun down hills.
The Range: Photo cred maddie p.
In the town of Rupholding there was a also an indoor shooting range were we got to do a couple shooting tests at. It was very interesting and very Bavarian, with lots of painted plaques of men with beer and rifles…lots of fun.
The Indorr Range: Photo Cred Maddie P.
The town was also very nice, small probably around the small size as Fort Kent but it had a large speed skating rink that lots of people were attending for some weekend races. There was also a sled dog race that was going on the weekend that we were. Whenever we went outside to go  run or get in the van to ski we could just here all of the sled dogs going crazy!! They really knew how to bark up a storm!
We also sneaked in a  trip to Austria on our off day to visit the Birthplace of Mozart, and get some really good pretzels!
The stay in Inzell, Germany was a fun one, and we ended it with going to Munich to pick up coach Jean (from his biking (training) vacation) to get VISA’s for Belarus. While we were waiting the girls and I explored a Dirndl shop and tried on a dress or two; that was probably the funniest part of the trip trying to get into the dresses and having the shop owner help us lace up! I was also told that my chest was not large enough for the dresses…female athlete problems?? It made for a good laugh while we explored a small section of the city.
We are on to Belarus now, having a few problems getting here with lost people, bags and a few communication issues we managed to get into the counry…and are just waiting on a few more people (Maddies crew of Sean and Jean who managed to miss their plane????) and a couple of missing ski and a couple parents and Algis (who's coming late). We are well on our way to having an awesome trip!

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