Monday, July 13, 2015

I've seen Fire and I've seen Rain

If you're from New England or have lived here for a while you know the weather is always changing; you start to get used to the phrase "Well if you don;t like the weather just wait five minutes it'll change". This isn't always true...unless you're doing something where you don't want a drastic weather change, like biking. As far as far fetched fairy tales from this summer, it just about ends there. The rest of the summer has been rather similar; long bike rides, long roller skis, long runs (which have a tendency to get a little long and turned around on...) After finishing one class at UNH the next one started, along with training with Nina at my old club the Gunstock Nordic Association, it's been pretty much the same ole same ole for the past two months. 

Looping back to the beginning I shall begin my first (and only really) tale this update based on the classic NE weather and its terrible timing. To set the scene it was hot out, the kind of hot and humid that makes you feel as if you're swimming through a sea of your own sweat. So hot you need a scuba mask and oxygen tank to get from point A to point B. It was very hot to be out on a bike, for lets just say a long time...until then suddenly (like in a Lord of the Rings movie) it went from super bright and sunny out, to cold gray. I had to take my sunglasses off to see it was that dark. Now when this happens when you're out, only one thing can be true. There is no way you're making it home not completely soaked through. And then just as it starts to pour you hear the last thing you want to hear...your bike tire going POP

...needless to say it's a good thing for spare inner tubes, but boy the weather change from super nice, to almost to nasty was quick and a little scary. And lets just say my brother was pretty happy he stopped to meet up with the rest of the family and go swimming instead of biking home! No popped tires or completely soaked clothes for him!

In short the hot weather we've been having has left me with but one choice when I go on my little adventures. Find a water source and go swimming!(Or easier yet get stuck in the mud...)
This has turned out to be quite a rewarding way to convince my self to go outside and run. Needless to say my tracking and navigation skills have been getting a workout all their own to keep me from really getting lost so far!
 Don't try this at home kids. This was a nice little rest stop midway through a mountain bike/hike to a small local mountain(large hill??) in Farmington that my poor brother got dragged along with me too.
My next door neighbor has seven labs...and they all love to go swimming at the pond that's in the woods behind my house. And they can be pretty entertaining whenever they decide to show up in our front yard
Coast runs are fun, but also really hot when there are no trees to make shade.
Last but not least, this past weekend I joined the GNA crew for some roller skiing, and a distance run at Mt. Major. Unfortunately our run didn't have any large rivers or even a stream really to jump into, but the view and company always makes up for that. 

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