Monday, August 31, 2015

Cool for the Summer

After an adventure filled summer it came the time when Americas mightiest biathletes gathered in the place they call Jericho Vermont. For the annual sweat fest..I mean roller ski races...Jericho as it does every year proved its self to be hot, humid, and hard. But still having a good quality of 'fun' while training with other athletes from all over  the US (meaning mostly from the mid-west primarily Minnesota and New England) and even Sweden!
Quick Cool off break at the Pot holes! Photo cred Maddie P.

My races did not personally go very well for myself, but Jericho is always hard. It is also the summer, and the beginning of school season, nothing to be very worried about. 
Hanging out with the team Pre-Mass Start on the second day, thanks Maddies mom! 
Jericho all in all was Jericho. On to moving back to Fort Kent for the start of round three of four of college. Slowly but surly making my way there as well! I'm pretty excited to be back in Fort Kent, Chez Jalbert is alive and full of life with two new PG biathlon members (Brendan and Cody). I'm really looking forward to training with the guys this fall and winter race season!
The GNA boys after a distance ski and run in NH, landing us with another stunning view
To top it off though, and give a brief recap of the how the rest of my summer training with the Gunstock Nordic team, and doing school at UNH went very well full of lots of shenanigans with the GNA crew and family

Until the next lull in life, I have new homework to finish now that school has officially started.

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