Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Wait the Season's Over?

With the race season long over, and the new one just beginning to come around the corner along with the new summer flowers (and showers as I discovered on today's rather soggy biking escapade).With some poking and prodding and the"oh I still have this blog thought in mind...here at last is the long (hopefully awaited?) update on your one and only Polar Bear. And wow was this season a crazy one! 

Over the last race season I was given what I am now calling new opportunities and life's way of making sure I still have a small touch with reality....an experience of new avenues of racing and the ever unpredictable student-athlete lifestyle.
I was also given the chance to discover that I am now the smallest member of my family...Looks like I'll be getting the hand me down skis now!
This also included but was not limited to: racing well one day then having to drop out of a race the next (darned knee!). Coming to terms with the stress of racing dilemmas and school (both the right way and the wrong ways of course).

With the school work piling up through out the fall, winter and spring it was easy to say "oh I'll do this after the race" which of course we all know never happens; or finding ways to deal with stress when you're tired from long training weeks and long race weekends, and even longer clinical days. There where many times this winter when finding a balance was difficult and without my coaches forcing me to sit down and take a breather and remind me that not every race is a good one, life happens, and this happens to every athlete at some point in their racing careers.
Actually not sure what I would do without my coaches giving me the "Mikaela You're going to be fine" talk pre-race

 Working through a long underlying virus infection that lasted long into the spring and at a few points forcing me on medications during which training became difficult to do was an interesting way to begin and end this past years racing season. Along with dealing with a knee injury (tip don't go for easy warm up jogs in the winter when there's ice) that nearly ended my season, and re-finding balance between healthy and injured/not healthy (think Columbus trying to find a new route to the Indies while sitting in your local college library until it closes) was hard this winter but in the end I believe it all turned out for the better. (Thank you coach...)
I also had the wonderful opportunity to help coach the Maine U16 team at Champs this winter! Talk about a great group of young skiers who where excited to ski, and wonderful to coach.Hmm this sounds like a lot, well luckily for us this winter I had a great support group of friends/family both new and old that where beneficial in helping me to learn to roll with the punch's when life decides that it wants to spend you on a roller coaster ride for a while. Now I'm excited to keep plowing forward to see what the new ski season brings; With some new opportunities on the horizon for me in the realm of skiing, I can excitably say that I'm looking forward to this coming racing season, and the already in motion summer training! (Though perhaps not with guns a blazing?) I've got my eye on some races out west and am looking forward to seeing where my skis and hopefully very quick feet are going to take me this year! 
Photo C. Maddie P

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