Saturday, September 24, 2016

From Here to There

Life, Injuries, Taxes...You know Adult an athlete are never much fun. Along with balancing academics and future career options. So there always comes a time when some things have to change. 

After spending a majority of my summer weighing and balancing the options of  my athletic career, academic path and  future. It's safe to say that I was defiantly faced with some hard challenges that really made me to step back a reevaluate how, and what I want to do with my self and how I wish to approach both my athletic and academic lifestyle. 

This being said, the decision to postpone my immediate competitive ski racing career, and spend this race season finishing school and my degree was concluded. Luckily for me though I won't be going far; as I am continuing to finish my degree at the University of Maine Fort Kent(hey three years in one place is a lot of time!). While continue to train on my own, and allow my body a chance to truly recover, heal, and rest from a few athletic injuries that I have acquired over the past two years and this summer from overuse, and strain. (Still working on lasting injuries from last years(s...) knee, hip/back, and shoulder disasters...the list continues on and will hopefully be shrinking by wintertime!) 

I would like to give a large thank you of appreciation to my coaches, team, family, friends, and sponsors. Without their continued support, the many adventures of this little polar bear has been lucky enough to partake on throughout the years never would have been possible, without their time and dedication to helping me become the best I could be on and off the ski trails.

While I may be departing from the racing world for the time being, this does not mean that this is the end, just a small window of opportunity I want to pursue. I plan on staying fully involved in the nordic world and community, and after school has concluded I'm excited work towards reemerging myself back into the racing community. 
Flash Backs are always The best! Great Group of People! Photo Maddie P. 

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